Baby Point is a residential neighbourhood in the York district of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is bounded on the west by the Humber River from south of Baby Point Crescent to St. Marks Road, east to Jane Street and Jane Street south to Raymond Avenue and Raymond Avenue west to the Humber. It is within the city-defined neighbourhood of ‘Lambton-Baby Point.’ Baby Point is within the proximity of Jane station. The neighbourhood was at one time an Iroquois village. In the 19th century, lawyer James Baby bought the land from the Upper Canada government, which had bought it as part of the Toronto Purchase. The land was developed into the current neighbourhood in the early 20th century. The name is pronounced by locals as “Babby” Point, to rhyme with tabby or cabbie, in an approximation of how James Baby pronounced his surname.

Local Restaurants: Some restaurants include Goodfellas Wood Oven Pizza, Campo

Schools: Warren Park Junior Public School, Magwood Forest School, St. Pius Catholic School, Little learners academy and Piano Bird.

Hospitals: About a 10 minute drive to St. Josephs Health Center which would be the nearest hospital. 

Places of Worship: Humbercrest United Church

Activities/ Attractions: Humber River runs right through the community which includes the Humber River Recreational Trail for biking and walking. Humber River Discovery Walk, Magwood Park, Etienne Brule Park, York Old Mill Tennis Club, Traymore Park, Lessard Park, Cashman Park.

Transportation: Jane station and Old Mill station right on the border of this neighbourhood.