Tesseract House

“Tesseract” is the word for a four-dimensional cube, and as such, the home is intended to reveal itself not just as you move through it, but also over time.

“At Tesseract House, a new build in Long Branch, the interior and exterior are playfully in sync. Designed by Phaedrus Studio with architect Jeff Geldart, the 280-square-metre home’s striking facade complements an interior of light-filled rooms and artful, unexpected geometry. From the street, four windows set into trapezoidal corrugated steel and pale wood frames meet the gaze of onlookers. These are unusual at a glance, but the longer you stare at them their shapes begin to shift, challenging your perspective and drawing you in for a closer look. This is all part of the experience. ”

Tesseract is just one of the great modern architectural additions in Etobicoke.  Communities and neighbourhoods are being rebuilt and replaced with a variety of architectural masterpieces.  Are you looking for a property to craft your custom masterpiece?  Having built several homes in the Etobicoke neighbourhood, I have the background and experience to help you find the right property to house your dream home.  Whether buying, selling or looking for a real estate investment, let me match you with the right property.   Contact me to talk about next steps.

Featured in Design Lines Magazine


By Jeremy Freed
Photography by Ryan Fung

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