Pauline’s contact information was given to me by someone who used her in the past and praised her qualities and professionalism. I can testify that she has displayed every single attribute you come to expect from a good and reliable real estate agent.

Indeed, as a foreign buyer at the time, I was looking for a very specific kind of house in the Bloor West Village/High Park area. I was in charge of purchasing our house, while my family was still back in Europe for months to come. My list of must haves was quite extensive and detailed. Pauline displayed the utmost ability to listen to me, qualify my needs and metabolize the information.

She secured 5 visits of houses that corresponded to my requirements and, within a few weeks, I ended-up signing a great house, ideally located and within the allocated budget. Pauline has proven instrumental in walking me through the administrative intricacies linked to such purchase in Ontario.

She made it as simple as possible for me. She helped me avoid pitfalls and ensured my overall real estate project, including the renovation part was included in the overall reasoning.

Finally, she connected me with construction professionals, legal counsel and financial advisors who have proven to be of the same caliber as her. Thanks to Pauline, what could have been a cumbersome endeavor, turned out to be a very smooth ride.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Pauline to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy and dedicated real estate professional, who is in for the long-term business relationship.