I was interested in investing in income properties during the hot Toronto real estate market. I used a couple of realtors prior to using Pauline and had troubles completing or closing deals. It was a little frustrating for me until I started using Pauline as my agent.

Pauline is a family friend and I thought I would try her out. She was a pleasant surprise to me. She knew the ins and outs on all aspects of real estate. She was very attentive; her customer service was second to none. Pauline was great at giving me comparables and helped educate me on cap rates, as well as other aspects of choosing quality properties. I was mainly impressed on how she was able to act right away and tie up the sites we were going after.

Her quick actions were the reason I was able to close the first deal. We closed another deal a year, and we worked together on a daily basis to try and find a third site. I truly believe she is one of the best in the industry.