Valued friends and clients, the unprecedented events of the past few weeks have visibly altered the world we will live in.  It’s hard to believe how different our lives were just a few short weeks ago.  If we all do our part and stay home as much as possible, observe social distancing guidelines and generally take precautions to reduce the spread of germs, these measures will yield positive results.  As the old cliche goes, sometimes we need to ensure short term pain for long term gain.

We are still available to serve you; however, we have implemented measures to ensure the safety of all.  Our administration department is still fully operating, albeit now virtually.  Social distancing guidelines are being observed for all property showings and showing via Facetime is strongly encouraged.   Offer presentations are being handled electronically.

We have modified our practices and procedures  to ensure we are operating in a safe and prudent manner that is in conformity with government and regulatory guidelines and will continue to adjust as requirements change.

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